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Well, i run this page, theres not a whole lot youd want to know about me.

the boring shit.

daniel john niejadlik

135 lbs

aged 16 years like a fine wine

Influances/ favorite bands are: (i.n.p.o.) Plow united, weezer, THE POGUES, screeching weasel, the westies, promise ring, the queers, weston, johnny too bad and the strikeouts, pinkerton thugs, ducky boys, ramones, weezer again, the world wide dryer company, REM, foo fighters, the clash, sex pistols, cocksparrer, the warren commision, superagent, the showcase showdown, the business, many others. and most importantly, anything and all things punk rock in massachusetts.

Me in general. I have two personallaities really.
One is the social forward type, the one with the sense of humour and the one whos not afraid to make an ass of himself. This is the side that acts in the "im going to do this because its fun, and what are you going to do about it?" sort of manner.
The other is "quiet" me. I think all people have a quiet side, how much and how far they explore it varies from person to person. The me that side prefers a quiet sun lit grassy hill to a noisy room full of people. That side of me can be pretty dull but it gives me a chance to think, which i enjoy. Im quite the thinker. Some say i think too much. but is that really a problem? Im one of those persons everyone comes to with their problems or for advice. And what what people tell me, they trust what i say. Thats one of the few things that gives me a sort of pride.
Im pretty goofy. I try not to be, but it just comes out sometimes. I tend to go way overboard, and everything just becomes silly. Im known for just breaking out into stories that dont make any sense, just to amuse people, or shut them up. I act especially weirder if I know someones watching me. I once ran out of my french class and around the school holding two canadian flags screaming "im the most patriotic man in the universe" for no real reason other than to amsuse myself. I not canadian.
When i came to jr high, i wasnt totally outcasted, I just dont think i ever made the effort to try to fit in. It was weird, most of my friends were popular people, yet i never was. But that never changed things between me and my friends. They knew i didn't care either way. I spent a year goofing off with what few new friends I had. I liked them because I didnt have to act special around them, and they were special to me. Swifty was the first friend I met that i could act totally stupid around. Hes got this almost mystical quality about him that just screams "im amusing". And dear god he is. I met a few other people that year, i wouldnt really hang out with them for another year, but i knew them. In 8th grade I got introduced to them on a higher level. My first girlfriend, lets call her Abby brought me to their table (or the social meeting place of us). Swifty eventually took abby from me, but i had found my place in the group. Years past, well only a few, but people changed, people left, and i changed but i never left.

Im a junior at Tantasqua Regional High School: the most trendy school on earth. Its not the most fun place to be, but it isnt that bad. I don't like all the people though. They can get a little annoying after a while. Theres only about 30-35 cool kids in the school..We should just rename the school "Hey youre cool and I want to be too Regional High School". Ive seen some people do some pretty ridiculous things to try to fit in. The "cool" kids make fun of everyone, to try to cover up the fact that they really have no life outside of drinking and smoking. Weve got our "tough kids", who arent really tough, just fat, so they try to fool people into thinking theyre tough. They are always trying to start a fight with who ever is within 20 feet of them. Then they usually lose. Ive been fortunate enough to witness a few of these fights. My favorite was the one where the attacker immediatly jumped into "kickboxing" mode, with his hands almost "crane" like over his head. He must of thought this would be a good fighting stance, he lost because he must of lost concentration when everyone was laughing at him and he was getting the crap beat out of him. Then theres the smokers. They are the funniest people in the whole school. They all hang out on one hill in front of the school. They must think no one can see them. The smoke makes them invisible. When a teacher appears on the hill (very rarely) they all move down one side of a hill in a wave formation. They all try to hide the cigerettes by swallowing them or putting them in their very flamable Fila jackets or whatever. Between every class they are there, after school they are there, before school, durring lunch, before lunch, after lunch, durring classes, anytime they feel the need. Our sports teams are nothing to brag about, weve had a few good seasons, but nothing really special. The school was built approximatly 1240 BC. Everythings old, but thats what gives it class. The water sucks, the halls are too small, the lockers have pipes running through them, the roof is all 3cm plastic sheets (im not kidding about that. at certain times in the year, you can look through the ceiling tiles and see rain falling on the roof.)

Im very much taken in the girl department by a wonderful girl who ive been with for almost 2 years. Shes great and im crazy about her.


thats it for now.