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Plow United s/t

Tour Guide At The Alamo

This is where they fought

Out here in the Sun

This is where they died

every single one

watch your step

keep off the grass


A small part of me is saying I still have a chance

and the rest of me is laughing at the first part

for being so na´ve I dont know what to do but
I wanna tell you something

And im so fucked up now I dont know what Im doing

I let my guard down once and I think my hole life is ruined

I try to give it up I try to think it through

I saw you just last night couldnt even talk to you

If I could treat you like shit youd love me forever

at least Im working now this is my second day

I hate it so much here I do it anyway

It doesnt help at all what youve done to me

Im going crazy I think about you constantly


Just because I never want to see your face again that I dont care about your whereabouts and please dont think that I dont love you anymore. Just because I know you and I know what youre all about-where are you going? Well am I going too? And now its your fault.

Im sad-you dont know the reason

im hurt-wondering why

im sad-dont know the reason

As I recall you were the one who took my hand and lead us both astray, and now it looks as though youd rather walk alone. You made us older than I thought we should be and now I know we wont get younger anymore

dont wanna see you

get away from here

and now its my fault


A long time ago we said to ourselves

that wed learn to live on our own

A short time ago we had to accept

that this was no longer our home

were getting out as you can see

we wont be back because were free

we grew up so fast man I cannot believe

we learned not to cheat or to lie

and as we make our final farewells

were learning how to say goodbye

we learned a lot

That Girl

This is just a girlfriend song

and im not sure if im right or wrong

I say that your the right one for me

but who else could it be

Im content just sitting in your fathers favorite chair

watching tv as youre getting ready for tonight

and I dont know whats coming over me

but I just cant let that girl be

And I dont think it was love at first sight

but something was so right

god I think its mutual

day by day she grows on me

ill carve her name in the tree


I wish I was you and you wish you were me

so why dont we put on each others clothes and run around the street

and when the day is gone and our parents are confused

that I wish I was me and you wish you were you

sometimes I put my arms around myself

and I fell like im holding you (repeat a lot)

my sister really thinks im weird when I ask me

"how do you do"

when I walk into the room I hold the door for me

when you get a good grade I give yourself a squeeze and

nobody cheers me up like the way that you do

and when and only when they call the missing person police tell them

"im still me and youre still you"